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Aims & Objectives

The University College’s key objective is to produce graduates who are well prepared to make a difference in their applied fields and determined to advance further, the development of society, industry and nations. We seek to:

  • Produce graduates who are religious, analytical, critical, creative, and reflective-thinkers, complex problem-solvers, right and disciplined decision makers.
  • Develop innovators, strategists and entrepreneurs who are receptive to new ideas.
  • Produce graduates who listen attentively and communicate succinctly with clarity and precision to context.
  • Produce graduates who are well equipped with research and presentation skills.
  • Produce graduates who competently use computer and modern communication technology.
  • Train graduates to accept responsibilities and obligations, work in a self-directed manner, value time, prioritise activities, and critically monitor their own progress and performance.
  • Train graduates to be cooperative, responsive, and productive team members.
  • Train graduates to appreciate diversity and consider issues from a global perspective.
  • Produce graduates who possess a great sense of community, moral, ethical and professional responsibility for the services of society and industry.