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The need for education in the growth and development of civil society, industry and nations is becoming more imperative than ever and would be even more challenging in the centuries to come. However, one of the greatest problems still pending at our time as noted by Thomas Moore in the sixteenth century is that many are schooled but few are educated.  Education is not the compiling on of knowledge, skills and/ or abilities, but the application of these to ensure societal wellbeing, progress and happiness. Proper quality education is needed to prepare graduates to provide real and effective solutions to societal, industrial and national needs and challenges; and as a consequence, improve the livelihood of mankind. This is what  Knutsford University College education is about.

Knutsford is a private, government-accredited liberal, science and technologically focused University College, established and incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. Its primary objective is to educate and develop talents to meet the needs of society. Accordingly, it provides unique and excellent university education of the 21st century and beyond, defined in scholarship, professionalism and integrity, to all qualified Ghanaians, Africans and students of the global community.