Welcome to K-Life
Knutsfords Online Student Social Platform.

| K-Life is a social platform that brings a unique way to Socialize and Share Ideas with everyone, as well as experience first hand, the various activities students experience.

| Our Vision is to bring an Innovative and Creative way for students to share ideas, learn and solve problems, as well as, connect the students on a common platform where learning and fun cross roads.


Ahmad Bashir,

K-Life will Motivate and Encourage students to show case the school to their friends and family through their experiences as well as provide publicity through other social media.

Baffour Adu Boampong,

A platform for sharing of Resources and Fostering Socialization makes learning fun and easy because, you dont just learn from lecturers but your friends as well. K-LIFE makes campus openly connected.

Saliha Hotsamali,

I think it will help make Learning, as well as, sharing of Information and retrieving them faster and also connect students socially.

Merit Chika Okpara,

I believe that K-Life will instill Confidence in students and make us belong to something bigger, United and working as a single organism. #WeAreKUC.

Michael Sarpong,

I think it will enhance Socialization amongst students of different backgrounds, as well as , improve Academic performance.


A platform where students Update each other about upcoming events inthe school, share ideas, and Familiarize ourselves will make us more united.

Muhammad Ibrahim,

A medium that doesn't only facilitate Interaction amongst students, but also provides them with the ability to motivate and Inspire others in many ways will help us focus on our goals.

Amanda Koranteng,

Communication is an important key in Relationships. A bond that Unites individuals with a common purpose or goal.