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Refund Policy

The university college’s operating expenses and students’ charges are planned on an annual basis. The refund schedule has been established in recognition of both the college’s advance commitment to operating expenses and a spirit of fairness for students who find it necessary to discontinue use of the college’s services. Policies of dismissal and suspension are the same as those for voluntary withdrawal. Consideration for a refund of tuition requires written notice from the student to the Registrar’s office indicating the student’s intention to withdraw from the college. The date this notice is received by the Registrar’s office is the effective date for determining the refund amount according to the schedule below:

Withdrawal during the first week of the semester 75% refund
Withdrawal during the second week of the semester 50% refund
Withdrawal during the third week of the semester 25% refund
Withdrawal after the third week of the semester 0% refund

A week is defined in this context as five working days within a semester.

Security Interest on Student Records
A student will not receive any diploma, certificate, or transcript until all accounts, current or otherwise, have been settled in accordance with policies described above. Relevant documents will be retained by the University College as security until financial obligations are satisfied. Each student is also obliged to pay all cost of collections upon default.