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Bsc. of Nursing

Bsc. of Nursing

The KNUTSFORD BSc. Nursing Programme is designed to offer specialised and

professional training in Nursing to students inresponse to the growing demand for improved health care.

The four-year undergraduate BSc. Nursing Programme is tailored to prepare graduates to enter the field of nursing through a fusion of theoretical classroom study and ample hands-on clinical experience.

The Programme aims at preparing competent and knowledgeable nurses to provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.

Ultimately, graduates of the programme would have developed sound academic and professional competencies for careers in Nursing and related fields.

 The objectives of the BSc. Programme in Nursing are to:

  • Enable students to provide promotive, preventive, and restorative health services in line with the National Health Policies and Programmes.
  • Develop students’ knowledge and skills in providing nursing care based on steps of nursing process in collaboration with individuals and groups.
  • Prepare students to make independent decisions in nursing situations and to protect and facilitate the rights of individuals and groups in pursuit of good health care.
  • Prepare students to assume responsibilities as professionals, competent nurses to provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.
  • Train students to assume the role of teacher, supervisor, and manager in a clinical / public health setting
  • Equip students with critical thinking skills in making decisions in all situations in order to provide quality care.
  • Train students to communicate effectively with individuals and groups, and members of the health team in order to promote effective interpersonal relationships and team work.
  • Educate students on practicing within the framework of code of ethics and professional conduct, and acceptable standards of practice within the legal boundaries.
  • Train students to be able to demonstrate responsibility and accountability for professional actions by documenting and maintaining accurate and relevant intervention.
  • Enable students to demonstrate and apply entrepreneurial skills in nursing
  • Prepare students to incorporate the use of nursing informatics in the care of patients and the analysis of data generated to improve care outcome.
  • Equip students to demonstrate understanding of national policies and their relevance to nursing
  • Prepare students to be able to coordinate the health care activities provided for the patient by other categories of health care providers.
  • Prepare students to be able to use knowledge acquired in the principles of homeostasis to meet patients’ needs by monitoring vital signs of the patient and their reaction to disease conditions, trauma, stress, anxiety and medication.


i. Programme Duration

Minimum of four (4) years and Maximum of six (6) years

ii. Credit Required for the Award of Degree

The credits required for the award of the first degree are as follows:

Entry into Level 100: A Maximum of 132 credits and a minimum of 120 credits.

Entry into Level 200: A Maximum of 102 credits with a minimum of 96 credits.

Entry into Level 300: A Maximum of 72 credits with a minimum of 60 credits.

Bsc. of Nursing