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Government & Management

Government & Management

Government and Management of Knutsford University College

Knutsford University College is organized into Schools, Departments, Centres and Units, with Central Administrative and Support Services. A Governing Council and an Academic Board govern the University College. The Governing Council is made up of representatives of major stakeholders of the University College and they include staff/faculty, students and affiliated institutions. Academic governance is provided by the Academic Board and it is chaired by the President. Other Boards and Working Committees of both the Council and the Academic Board also exist.

Principal Officers


Bishop Dr. Douglas A. Boateng, is the founding Chancellor of the Knutsford University College. The Chancellor of Knutsford is the Head of the University College and he assumes the Chairmanship of any congregation and/or meeting of the Knutsford Community.

The Bishop, Dr. D. A. Boating is a distinguished self-developed person, Entrepreneur and a Businessman in Africa. He built the Continental Christian Traders (CCT); a company which started as a small family business in October, 1990, from a one-small shop into a consortium of Companies with 8 subsidiaries. Currently, CCT is present in six African countries namely, Ghana, Togo, Senegal, The Gambia, Equatorial Guinea, Mauritania and counting.

Dr. Boateng also serves as a Bishop of the Churches of Christ in Ghana. He has served in this realm for over 20 years and he is actively involved in planting new churches in Africa. He established Continental Mission Network (CMN) in 2015 to ensure that all the unreached parts of Africa is accessed by the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ which provides eternal salvation for all.

In 2015, Obong University in Federal Republic of Nigeria, in recognition of his immense contribution to business and missions in Africa honoured him with a doctoral degree in Management and Leadership.

Currently, he serves as the Chairman and the CEO of CCT Group of Companies.


Mr. John Kwamena Essel, is the Founding Pro-Chancellor of the Knutsford University College. The Pro-Chancellor is the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of the University College and the Head of Strategic Business Investment and Development Team. He also deputizes for the Chancellor and he assumes all his powers and functions in his absence. His executive role allows him to assist the Chairman of the Council and the President of the University College in the performance of their functions.

Mr. John K. Essel is an astute self-developed businessman and leader in entrepreneurship development and creativity. A graduate of the UST School of Mines, now University of Mines  (UMaT), Mr. Essel diverted his attention from engineering into creation of enterprises. He has helped create and develop some SMEs in Ghana and beyond including Alissel International Company Limited and Knutsford Education Group. Mr. Essel also served as the founding Deputy Registrar and Acting Registrar of one of the first private university colleges in Ghana.

Furthermore, Mr. Essel has a special interest for preaching, teaching and evangelism. He has worked among the Churches of Christ in Ghana and beyond for close to four decades. His passion includes prison ministry and missions.  Mr. Essel holds an International MBA with focus on Marketing and Strategic Management.

Currently, he is in charge of the Knutsford Church in Ghana and also he serves as the CEO of Alissel International Limited in Ghana, Africa.

Chairman of Council

Professor Paull N. Buatsi, Professor Paull N. Buatsi is the Founding Chairman of the Knutsford University College Governing Council.

Professor Paull N. Buatsi is a distinguished Scholar and international Businessman. He is the founder and Managing Consultant of Omega Strategic Resources Ltd., partner of SMC University (an online accredited university) in Ghana, and Executive Director for Africa of International Leadership Foundation which trains leaders of integrity for holistic societal transformation. He holds a BA (Hons) in Geography, an MBA (Marketing) from the University of Ghana and a Ph.D in Business Administration (Marketing/International Marketing) from Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, the UK. He is a Marketing and International Business Expert with extensive experience in academia, business, public policy and educational consulting; farming; marketing of African hardwoods and wood products; and the development and marketing of the creative arts.

He was the Coordinator of Marketing and International Business in the School of Business at Florida A&M University; Coordinator of International Business and Research Director of the Hofstra University/Long Island Export Council Export Development Program at Hofstra University’s Business School, New York; Coordinator of the Management Unit and the Danida Centre for International Business at the University of Ghana Business School; founding Dean of the KNUST School of Business at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana; and Dean of the Graduate School of Business, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, after which he was seconded to the Ministry of Education (Ghana) as the Consultant/Acting Chief Director.

Prof. Buatsi is a founding Fellow and past President of the Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultants (Ghana) and the West African Federation of Institutes of Management Consultants; a Director of the International Society for Marketing & Development; member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing-Ghana, The International Association of African Business and Development, and The HUMLOG Group (HUMLOG Institute at the Hanken Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki, Finland).

Prof. Buatsi has been a Consultant to several public and private sector organisations and NGOs at local and international levels. Prof. Buatsi has since 2012 been the Board Chairman of the National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (Ghana); Board Chairman of Agribusiness in Sustainable African Plant Products (ASNAPP) since 2006; a member of the National Accreditation Board (Ghana) since 2012; Council Member, Ghana Baptist University College (Ghana) since 2012; Member, Doctoral Committee, International Leadership University (Nairobi, Kenya) since 2012; and Global Board of the International Leadership Foundation since 2012.

Prof. Buatsi has also served the following boards and councils: Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund), Students Loan Trust Fund (Ghana); Ministerial Advisory Council, Ministry of Education (Ghana); Ministerial Advisory Council, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (Ghana); National Council for Tertiary Education (Ghana); Ghana Education Service (GES) Council; West African Examinations Council; Council Member, University of Education, Winneba (Ghana); Representative of the Ministry of Education on the Ghana Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) Board; and Subcommittee on National Export Strategy for Ghana, Ministry of Trade and Industry (Ghana).


Professor Anthony Kwame Ahiawodzi, is the current President of the Knutsford University College. As President, he is the Head of the Academic and Management Team of the University College. He also serves as the Chief Disciplinary Officer of the University College.

Professor Anthony K. Ahiawodzi is an experienced Development Economist, Researcher and an Educationist. He was the Lead Consultant for a four-member team that worked assiduously to obtain initial accreditation for LUCAS College, Dzorwulu, Accra, and later he became the first President of the College (2016 to 2017). Professor Ahiawodzi was also the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) from 2013 to 2015. He obtained his PhD at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (Scotland), and got his First and Second Degrees in Economics at the University of Cape Coast (Ghana). He has lectured in the Department of Economics, University of Cape Coast (1985 to 2002); Central University College in Accra (2002 to 2005) and UPSA (2005 to 2016). He is the brain behind the UPSA Weekend School and the first Dean of the School.

He was also the Founding President of the Institute of Certified Economists of Ghana (ICEG) from 2009 to 2012, and a Fellow of the Institute.

Professor Ahiawodzi possesses much experience in University governance and administration. He served on many Statutory and Non-statutory Boards and Committees of the Universities where he worked.

He attended a number of local and International Workshops/ Conferences and Seminars in countries such as South Africa, the USA, France and Germany, among others.

Prof. Ahiawodzi’s research interest focuses on private savings, private investment, economic growth and development, financial markets, SME growth and Microfinance. His contributions to the body of knowledge in Economics are evident in the books he has written and the journal articles that have been published in both local and international journals.

It is hoped that Prof. Ahiawodzi will bring his rich academic and professional expertise to bear positively on Knutsford University College to enable the college  attain greater heights.

The core values of professor Ahiawodzi are hard work, humility, patience and service to God and mankind.

Council Members

  • Mr. John K. Essel

  • Prof. Paul N. Buatsi

  • Prof. Daniel Asiedu

  • Prof. Anthony K. Ahiawodzi

  • Prof. Bedman Nartey

  • Dr. (Hon) Augustine Tawiah

  • Ms. Afua Kunadu

Other Officers

  • Registrar

  • Librarian

  • Finance and Administration Director

  • Quality Assurance Director

  • International Education Director

Government & Management