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Dr. Francis Kwadade-Cudjoe

Dr. Francis Kwadade-Cudjoe

Dr. Francis Kwadade-Cudjoe is an Information Technologist (IT) with specialisation in Management Information Systems (MIS). He has degrees in BSc. (Hons) Computer Science, KNUST, Ghana; MBA (Information Technology Management speciality), University of Leicester, UK; PhD in Management, SMC University, Switzerland; and Fellows from British Computer Society (BCS) and Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS), UK.

He has over 38 years’ experience in IT from industry and academia, living and working in Ghana, and travelling to the USA and Europe to deliver lectures on database software. He is an IT practitioner/researcher, who has developed many database software which are implemented and working in establishments.

Francis joined Knutsford University College (KUC) as a senior lecturer in MIS, January 2014, and was appointed the Ag. Dean and head of the Marketing & Decisional Sciences of the Knutsford Business School (KBS), and Editor, Knutsford Journal of Management and Sciences, in February 2018. He is an adjunct lecturer at GIMPA Business School, Ghana, since 2013.      

He has affiliations with international IT organisations: Board member of the IMIS (2009 to 2013) and Representative of BCS, Responsible for West Africa since 2013, where he collaborates with institutions affiliated to the BCS in West Africa, and handles problems reported by BCS students/candidates within the sub-region.

His current Research Interest is in Developing MIS with leanings towards generating the right information for managers to efficiently/effectively manage businesses/organizations.

He lectures in the following subjects: MIS, Advanced Databases, Electronic Commerce/Business, Systems Analysis & Design, Hospitality Information System, Business Strategy and Research Methods.

Some of his publications are: Incorporating the Role of MIS in Monitoring Corporate Performance for Sustaining Growth; Sustainable Water Resources Management using Water Rights Database System; Corporate Internet Service in Ghana: Addressing the Vodafone Challenge; and IMIS merges with BCS.

Books he has authored/published include: Sustaining Corporate Growth: Exploring the role of MIS in monitoring Companies’ Performance; Presbyterian Church of Ghana Statistical Information presented to the General Assembly, 2001 to 2015; and Sustainable Water Resources Management: The use of Water Rights Database System.

Acting Dean

Dr. Francis Kwadade-Cudjoe