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Clean Knutsford University Campaign.

Clean Knutsford University Campaign.

Young Reporters for the Environment – YRE Knutsford club organized the maiden edition of ‘Clean Knutsford University’ Campaign. The cleanup exercise was held on Friday 21st February, 2020 under the theme Clean Knutsford; The role of students in achieving environmental sustainability. The exercise was to instill in students the need to stand for environmental sustainability while helping to maintain clean surroundings on the University campus.

YRE Knutsford Team

The former UN General Secretary Banki Moon once said “we don’t have plan B because, there is no planet B”   This call for a strong and intensive awareness on environmental sustainability across all sectors especially universities. Knutsford University College, a private University institution in Ghana is not exempted in this development process for environmental sustainability. 

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is a youth-led environmental journalism initiative that aims to enable students and young people to take a stand for their local, social and environmental issues through the media of writing, photography or video. Members of the club identified the surroundings of the university as a place that cries for environmental action. According to the president of the club Mr. Matthew Azure Awini “The beautiful edifies of the university demand a collective action from students for its sustainability. We are very happy to see the outcome of our activities today and we are proud of it. 

Mr. Francis Ametepey- YRE campus co-coordinator stated that ideally, education is expected to broaden the scope of knowledge of us the students, regulate the way we behave and prepare us for our daily lives. However, students chanced to contribute much of plastic waste into the environment which requires change of mindset and adoption of reusable bottles. YRE is committed to making Education for Sustainable Development – ESD an integral part of students’ lives on campus.   

The exercise saw participation from sister university of Ghana- Legon, members from the university management and volunteers from YRE- Ghana. 

Mr. Francis Ametepey

YRE campus co-coordinator

Clean Knutsford University Campaign.