Knutsford Business School (KBS) provides well-rounded, thorough, rigorous and practical-oriented business and management degree programmes relevant to national, continental and global development.


Encouraging Business Oriented And Entrepreneurial  Minds


The world of business today is very competitive, dynamic and complex. The future is even more complex. The next generation of managers and business administrators must be trained to be able to deal with human complexities, technological dynamics, and the unending global competition. Programmes and training are designed to create broad-mindedness, originality and competencies as well as upholding virtues of life-long learning, discipline and integrity. The Programmes are required to deal with these complexities and to ensure corporate survival, growth and success. The need for global competence underlies Knutsford’s Degree Programmes. It aims at preparing graduates to deal with the current and emerging business, management and leadership dynamics and complexities in industry and society. The programmes are theoretically and practically well-balanced with focus on both national and international businesses.

Degrees & Programmes




The programme is designed for students who wish to build  scholarly professional career(s) in the field of business and management and work as: Entrepreneurs, General Managers/Administrators, Accountants, Financial Controllers, Marketers and Strategists, Bankers, Auditors, Business Analysts/Advisors/Consultants, Project Managers, Corporate Legal Advisors/Secretaries, Organisation leaders, HR Managers, Investment/Fund/Bank Managers, Stockbrokers, Public Servants, etc. in any national, multinational or global firm.

Programme Details

Duration of Programmes;

Minimum of four (4) years and Maximum of six (6) years

Credits Required for Award of Degree

Based on the level of entry, the credits required for the award of first degree are as follows:

Level 100: A Maximum of 132 credits and a minimum of 120 credits.

Level 200: A Maximum of 102 credits with a minimum of 96 credits.

Level 300: A Maximum of 72 credits and a minimum of 60 credits