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ESSAABA ESSEL BAABA wins SRC President 2018

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Knutsford University is exceptional and its mandate is to create, to nurture and to develop permanent foundations for inspiring leadership and scholarship among our students and graduates for their own personal, intellectual and professional development and as a consequence, for national and international development.

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2018 SRC Election Results are out, and the new executive are;
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Security Intelligence & Forensics Studies
Security Intelligence & Forensics Studies is currently on going.
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2018 Summer School on-going
Summer School session is currently on-going in Accra Campus.
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Up coming Knutsford University Events



ISA Week
Knutsford International Students Association Week Celebration is happening live in Accra
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Miss Knutsford 2018
Miss Amanda Kroateng is the proud queen of The Royal University of Africa
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International Training Workshop
Knutsford University College, Accra – Ghana is pleased to invite you to participate in an international training workshop in collaboration with
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Our Schools To Strive And Achieve Your Dreams

Knutsford School of Graduate Studies and Research
The School of Graduate Studies and Research (SGRS) is responsible for coordination of Graduate Studies in the University and is
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Knutsford School of Humanities and Education
The Knutsford School of Humanities and Education (KSHE) provides modern teaching and learning avenues such as state-of-the-art facilities, and very
Read more.
Knutsford Business School
Knutsford Business School (KBS) provides well-rounded, thorough, rigorous and practical-oriented business and management degree programmes relevant to national, continental and global
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Knutsford School of Science & Technology
Welcome to Knutsford School of Science & Technology. SST produces leading scientists and technologists who are passionate in discovery and
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Turning Today’s Potentials into Tomorrow’s Success

Faculty & Staff
Knutsford’s faculty and staff are among the world’s finest academics and researchers who serve as role
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Research & Libraries
Non-Degree Trainings will be offered by the college when available. Interested participants should call our
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Quality Assurance
Summer School set to commence on May 2018. Continuing students that are qualified are required to
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Graduate & Professional Study
In response to the national demand as well as demand of industry and commerce, the need has arisen for
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Undergraduate Study
Knutsford degrees and programmes are well accredited, well-rounded, thorough, and rigorous.
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Accreditation and Affiliations
Knutsford is accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) of the Ministry of Education in the
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We Invite You to Study With us

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS; Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) Applicants;
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International Students
Foreign students with qualifications equivalent to those above may be considered for admission.
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In response to the national demand as well as demand of industry and commerce, the need has arisen for
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Financial Assistance
Financial Aid Financial aid is provided ‘as and when’ the aid is available. Students would be
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Continuing Education
 Semester Registration; A student shall be required to register for the courses which he or she wants to
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Download Application Form Now! Knutsford admits qualified students with distinctive academic promise, high sense of professionalism and
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What People Think About Us.

The Knutsford environment is so inspiring, motivating, and just right for me as a student. Knutsford is truly a place for me to build my future.

Afua Bartel Mensa Student February 19, 2018

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I came to KNUSFORD UNIVERSITY in 2015, I was amazed by the beautiful structure. I was I came to KNUSFORD UNIVERSITY in 2015, I was amazed by the beautiful structure. I was I came to KNUSFORD UNIVERSITY in 2015, I was amazed by the beautiful structure. I was I came to KNUSFORD UNIVERSITY in 2015, I was amazed by the beautiful structure. I was Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc tempus arcu faucibus felis accumsan, eget ultrices nibh mattis. Vivamus nisl nunc, pharetra porttitor orci vel, tincidunt consequat ipsum. Nunc in tellus nisl. Suspendisse potenti. Nam felis lacus, tincidunt et maximus quis, gravida ac lacus. Proin luctus tincidunt ante, nec accumsan odio ornare consectetur. Donec ac nisl eget felis tincidunt finibus at ac tortor. Integer non ligula rhoncus, semper magna et, sagittis arcu. Maecenas quis enim ultricies, mollis arcu eu, volutpat mauris. Cras rhoncus lorem libero, et consequat nisi fermentum ut. Morbi venenatis ornare turpis quis euismod. Cras lobortis sodales vestibulum. Mauris viverra mauris at nunc viverra accumsan. Sed interdum sollicitudin est, non ullamcorper mi tempus eu. Vivamus porttitor pretium euismod. Fusce tempor purus ut leo elementum, eu ultrices lacus imperdiet. Continue Reading

Ahmad Bashir Google - Software Engineer March 11, 2018