Centre for Leadership and Governance (CLG)

Welcome to the Centre for Leadership and Governance (CLG) of the Knutsford University College.


About CLG

Nurturing Leaders and Governance

The Centre for Leadership and Governance (CLG) affairs of the Knutsford University College is a multi-disciplinary Centre run by national and international experts in Capacity Development (Training), Consultancy Services, and Research. The Centre offers services in many areas including:

  • Business, – large corporate and micro, small and medium enterprises
  • Finance, including banking, innovative and microfinance
  • Social, including social inclusion, alternative communities and livelihoods
  • Organizational, including not for profit, governments and development partners
  • Legal consultancy, encompassing due diligence and preventive practices
  • Development Economics and practice

CLG principals include researchers, economists, business and organizational strategists, cultural experts, lawyers, and many more. Our Consultants have been trained both in Ghana and abroad and therefore offer international professionalism with local depth, knowledge, and experience.

At CLG we assist individual, businesses and organizations to:

  • Prevent or minimise exposure to avoidable business and socio-cultural losses resulting from ignorance, misinformation, inefficiencies, fraud, and unfair competition.
  • Formulate, design and implement strategies that assist in the achievement of corporate or organizational objectives in the most efficient, transparent, and profitable manner.
  • Conduct Institutional Assessments using the state of the art tools and systems for identification of gaps and for pragmatic and effective solutions.


Team Competence

The CLG team consists of the consultants and dozens of associates with expertise in the following areas:

  • Socio-Economic Research, Surveys, Institutional Assessments, Analysis and Reporting
  • Development Economics
  • Capacity Building of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Business and Financial Development Services
  • Training and Workshop Facilitation
  • Law & Order, Decentralization, Democratization & Good Governance.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Project Formulation and Development
  • Advanced Policy Frameworks Proposals Writing
  • Manuals and Reports
  • Market Research, Data Collation and Analysis
  • Policy & Human Resource Documents
  • Business Plans and Strategic Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Customised Modules & Design


Key Features of CLG Client Services

Key Features of CLG’s Client Services Include:  

  • Scientific/Process Consulting
  • Client-focused/Accessibility
  • Excellence
  • Reliability/Efficiency
  • Ethics & Corporate Responsibility
  • Pragmatic, Meeting Deadlines/Results Oriented
  • Affordability/Competitiveness


Consultancy Approach

The CLG consultancy practice is modeled on intellectual rigour and business excellence. This means that we focus on theoretical and pragmatic processes that achieve effective and efficient outcomes for our clients at very competitive and affordable prices. We offer only time-tested and proven methodologies and systems for the achievement of client objectives and because we have access to scores of leading experts in our chosen field of business, we guarantee qualitative, professional and timely outcomes in all of our consultancy endeavours.



  • Private Businesses,
  • Development Partners,
  • Government Ministries And Agencies;
  • Local and International NGOs,
  • Local Governments And Rural Communities